Carnival of Wonders Dance
Carnival of Wonders: Tunnel of Love

Kalin and Jinger
Producers and Featured Stars

It Is A Knockout, A Big Fat Magical Hit And One Of The Funniest Shows The Town Has Seen In Years” – New York Daily News

It’s not uncommon for fellow magicians to tell me, “Carnival of Wonders was the best magic show Ive ever seen”. In a world of spectacular magic shows, with magicians far more famous and budgets far greater, this is truly a profound compliment. The show, debuting in Reno in 1999, was a collaboration of love with Jinger, Jeff Hobson, Joanie Spina, Peggy Hickey and Jim Steinmeyer. Many others contributed to its success over the years. And although most of it sits gathering dust in a warehouse in Sparks, Nevada, every once and awhile, when the timing is just right, we revisit the magical carnival.

MAGIC Magazine wrote:

Kalin & Jingers Carnival of Wonders is less about magicianshardware and more about three extraordinary people who have created a truly fantastic theatrical environment. Its a tightly woven tapestry of drama and theatrics, thrills and laughter, all bound together by a shroud of mystery that ultimately produces an unforgettable evening”.