Kalin & Jinger
Notable Appearances and Shows

Jinger presenting at Magic LIVE 2018
Kalin & Jinger
Jinger and the Circle of Fire

Magic Moments

Inventions for Magicians
Mark has created and performed a variety of original illusions that have also found favor in the repertoires of other top magicians worldwide. They include: The Fire Spiker, Eclipse, Blammo Box, Duck Trick, Paper Box (with Jim Steinmeyer), The Suck Drop, Poster Frame, Circle of Fire, Band Camp, The Impossible (with Don Wayne) and Aquatine.

No Pressure
Kalin and Jinger’s biggest audience was a live televised performance on Domingão do Faustão, Brazil’s top rated Sunday night variety show, with a broadcast audience of over 60 million people.

Fate Plays Its Hand
Kalin and Jinger met on the island of Guam performing in a Vegas-style review show entitled “American Glitz”—Kalin performing magic, Jinger the lead dancer and singer. After six months, Jinger’s contract was over; the two spoke for the very first time on Jinger’s final night on Guam. The rest is history.

In 2018, Jinger was honored to accept an invitation by her esteemed colleagues to lecture at Magic Live in Las Vegas, one of the world’s largest, most prestigious magic conventions.

The World’s Most Dangerous Trick
Kalin and Jinger are among only a handful of magicians in history to attempt the infamous Bullet Catch trick. It is exactly what it sounds like but with a twist. A person attempts to catch a bullet fired from a gun… with their teeth. Over the past 150 years, 12 noted magicians have been killed attempting this trick. Killed dead for the sake of a magic trick.

Epic Magic
Kalin and Jinger’s list of “tricks with huge things” include a jetliner with an 80-foot wingspan, Reno city bus, a 5-piece hip hop band, full-sized locomotive, a 6-ton African Elephant, Volvo xc90 and a Ford Fusion NASCAR (surrounded by 10 legendary NASCAR drivers).

Bragging Rights
Francis Ford Coppola attended a performance of Carnival of Wonders in Reno. At the conclusion, he alone stood, clapped vigorously and exclaimed “Bravo!”.

Royal Performance
In 2008, Kalin and Jinger were chosen to present their illusions at a Royal performance in honor of Siegfried and Roy at the prestigious London Palladium, in London, England.

When not doing magic, Mark likes to spend his free time doing magic.

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