Reno’s resident Live Magic Theater
Magic Underground Theater Exterior
Magic Underground Theater
“If this is magic,
 let it be an art”
William Shakespeare


Kalin and Jinger  –  Producers, Proprietors and Featured Stars

When not traveling the four corners of the globe we like to make magic in our own back yard. One of our most rewarding Reno ventures was Magic Underground, an intimate subterranean theater located underneath The Pioneer Center for The Performing Arts, along Reno’s Riverwalk district.

Our intention was to design a theater to specifically showcase the world of conjuring. Inspired by ”theaters of magic” that existed during the late 1800’s in London, Vienna and New York City, it was one of only three venues in the world devoted entirely to presenting magic as an art form.

Real magic only happens when all the elements are perfect, the setting, the audience, the stage and the pace of the show. Magic Underground was our laboratory, and for us, it felt as if we were rediscovering real magic every evening.

Magic Underground Team